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Forgiven by Sovereign Grace Music

From the album 'Prayers of the Saints (Live)' (Lyric Video)

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Free sheet music available here.

Watch the Sovereign Grace 'Prayers of the Saints (Live)' playlist on Clayton TV.

Length: 4mins

Lord, forgive us for our pride
When our faith becomes a show
Dressed in righteous deeds to hide
All the stains below
We have judged Your sons and daughters
For the sin that is our own
May we now forgive each other
And lay down our stones 

Forgiven, forgiven
Through the blood of Christ
We are forgiven
Lord, forgive us for our love
Of the things we wish to own
We forsake the feast above
For all the crumbs below
Though You’ve made us sons and daughters
We do not the world disown
May we find our greatest treasure
Is in You alone
Lord, forgive us for our shame
When we can’t release the past
When we’re quick to take the blame
But forget we’re free at last
We avoid Your sons and daughters
For the fear we don’t belong
Give us eyes to see each other
Through Your only Son

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