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Keswick '16 - Simon Manchester 5: Choose Life

On the precipice of entering the Promised Land, Israel have a choice; will they recommit themselves to faithfulness to God, or will they again go their own way? What will be the result of this choice? In this talk on Deuteronomy 29-30, Simon Manchester unpacks Moses’ final speech in which he urges the Israelites to choose life and follow God. Moses gives many reasons for the Israelites to say 'yes' to God, and warns them of the curses which result from disobedience. Manchester reminds us that though we, like Israelites, have to choose to say ‘yes’ to God, grace lies behind the whole plan; when we are his our standing with God does not fluctuate when we are having a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day.


From the series 'These Words are Your Life'. Deuteronomy not only contains many treasured texts (like 'underneath are the everlasting arms'), but it is actual preaching. On the edge of the Promised Land, Moses preaches three sermons to equip God's people for living well in a temporary world, while surrounded by temptation and pressure to blend in and become like surrounding nations. The book is set out like a treaty (between Lord and servants) with a recap of their journey, a remarkable covenant, many practical applications, and a closing appeal to respond with everything. Finally, we will see together that there is one Israelite who obeyed perfectly and secures the blessings for all who look to Him… Jesus Christ. This is a feast of a book!

Length: 40mins

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Simon Manchester is the senior minister at St Thomas' Anglican Church North Sydney. He is married to Kathy and they have three adult children. He was a school teacher before studying at Moore Theological College and he did training in Wollongong and London before taking up his first church in Sydney. He was chaplain for the North Sydney Rugby League Bears for seven seasons and also ran the ministry to the North Sydney business community for ten years.

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