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Men Meeting the Challenge '19 - Facing The Facts: The Reality of Man Today - Ray Galea

What does it mean to be a man? Ray Galea opens up God's word to explore the topic of manhood.

Talk Outline:

  • Layout the path of decline in the identity of men (from the Garden to now).
  • Path of being:
  • Diminished in their influence
  • Disillusioned & depressed
  • Disconnected from their families
  • Distracted and disarmed from performing their Godly responsibilities o Damaging to those called to protect

Ray Galea is the pastor of MBM Rooty Hill Anglican. It’s a church with 70 different cultures in the multicultural west of Sydney. Prior to going into full time ministry he worked as a Social Worker in Wollongong for three years; specialising in marriage and family counselling. He is married with three children. He is an acclaimed author of 3 books ‘Nothing in my hand I bring’, ‘God is enough’ and ‘From Here to Eternity’.

Length: 54mins

Men Meeting the Challenge is an annual Men's Conference based in Sydney and is run by Men for Christ Ministries. Men For Christ Ministries was formed in 2004, after three Christian men saw a need for a practical, biblical based conference for men in the west of Sydney. Each year the conference aims to provide men with quality speakers, specialist exhibitors, and topics that may be difficult to handle in their church group but are important in enabling men to become more effective Christians in all their relationships, whether as a husband, father, son, friend, leader. It aims to offer a choice of topics on the day that are presented with a solid biblical foundation, but which provide practical examples and advice that men can use to cope with the challenges that they, their family and friends face in life.

The 2019 conference aims to address the impact of a changing culture on the identity and roles of the man of God.


Keywords:Men, Mens Conference, Manhood