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Word Alive '15-David Cook 4 'The Renewed Mind'

Romans - 'God's Momentous News' - Main Talks for Word Alive 2015

Romans 1:28-32 describes the depraved mind of the pagan, unable to make proper moral judgements. Now, Paul describes the renewed mind of the believer. This mind leads us to recognise the logical response to God’s mercies in our life by seeing ourselves as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2 ). Paul then shows how this mind leads us to understand ourselves (12:3-8); how we are to understand and relate to fellow believers (12:9-13); how the renewed mind leads us to relate to those outside the body of Christ who may be antagonistic towards us (12:14-21).

Length: 41mins

Bible Readings from Romans at Word Alive 2015. Word Alive is an annual event that exists to serve the church and reach the world. It provides teaching, training and resources that equip and encourage Christians to serve the Lord Jesus in their local churches and communities.

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