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EMA '22: Word Work - Gwilym Davies - Deuteronomy 32 - Day 1: Q&A

This video was recorded live as part of our EMA 2022 conference. Gwilym splits his time between being a tutor on the PT Cornhill Training Course and working at St. Helen’s Bishopsgate with International Students and training the Ministry Associates.

Length: 24mins

The Evangelical Ministry Assembly (EMA) is the Proclamation Trust's (PT) flagship gathering of over 1000 Bible preachers and teachers. It is for all those with responsibility for teaching and preaching the word of God in the local church. The PT recognises that such ministry is sometimes counter-cultural, can often be lonely and is always hard work. The EMA therefore is planned to both challenge and encourage preachers in the task to which Christ has called them and provide a place to meet others involved in the same ministry so that they can spur one another on.

The main aim of the Proclamation Trust is to teach the Bible to preachers in order that they can in turn teach it to others, as well as to provide a fellowship of like-minded evangelicals across the denominations for encouragement in this work. For more information see: