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The Keswick Lectures '14 - The Apologetic of Evil

David Robertson - How evil demonstrates the existence of God - If God is good then surely he would want to stop evil. If he is all-powerful he could. Evil exists; therefore the all-powerful loving God of the Bible cannot exist. It’s an old but still common argument against the Gospel. In this talk David Robertson will seek to show that rather than being a reason to disbelieve in God, it is in fact the very opposite. The existence of evil, and the recognition of evil, is in fact a powerful apologetic for the Good News of Jesus Christ, who is the answer to the ‘problem of evil’.

Length: 59mins

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David Robertson is the minister of St Peter’s in Dundee. He is also the Director of The Solas Centre for Public Christianity and a chaplain at the University of Dundee. David is married to Annabel and they have three children. He is regularly involved in the media through writing newspaper articles, speaking on radio programmes and more recently doing some work for TV’s Channel 4.

The Keswick Convention is a world-famous, annual gathering of Christian believers from around the UK. Keswick Ministries is committed to the spiritual renewal of God’s people for his mission in the world. There are three fundamental convictions which shape all they do: hearing God's Word, becoming like God's Son and serving God's mission. For more information please visit

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