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Keswick '13 - Steve Gaukroger 4: The Power of the Gospel

Acts 16 - How the Triune God is Transforming the World: The Power of the Gospel - The main talks from the Keswick Convention 2013. The book of Acts has amazing relevance to our 21st century world, a world that needs changing. Prescriptive as well as descriptive, this part of Holy Scripture travels across the centuries to challenge the values and preoccupations of our third millennium world. There has been no better time to study the book of Acts. And our prayer as we do so together is that, as individuals, as churches and society as a whole, we will have a fresh encounter with gospel realities and the power of The Transforming Trinity.

Length: 52mins

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Stephen Gaukroger is regarded as one of the most significant leaders of his generation in the UK. With his very firm & clear grasp of the post-modern culture in which we now live, he addresses its challenge with an unquestioned commitment to Scripture.  He is now the founder-director of Clarion Trust International, an organisation which exists to equip the church for leadership, mission & evangelism.  He is married to Janet, who is very involved with leading worship & training worship teams and also enjoys bible teaching. They have three children & two grandchildren. He loves sport of all kinds. 

The Keswick Convention is a world-famous, annual gathering of Christian believers from around the UK. Keswick Ministries is committed to the spiritual renewal of God’s people for his mission in the world. There are three fundamental convictions which shape all they do: hearing God's Word, becoming like God's Son and serving God's mission. For more information please visit

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