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Things that hinder and sins that entangle - with Dominic Steele

"The Pastor’s Heart - A word to our heart from Dominic Steele In a Pastor’s Heart special, Dominic Steele speaks to our hearts today as we engage in the battle of the Christian life. We get a call today to perseverance and resilience. Dominic addresses, not just pastors, but young and old; healthy and unfit; wealthy and poor; busy and quiet; husbands, singles, divorcees and widowers; fertile and infertile, straight or experiencing same sex attraction; or struggling in addictions. Calling out to God: God what are you doing? Why am I stuck in this? What is going on? Why is it so hard?"

Length: 37mins

The Pastor’s Heart is a new Australian weekly interview program with a senior Australian pastor. Each week at 2pm on Tuesdays (Sydney time) Dominic Steele will speak live with a senior Australian pastor and take questions live via Facebook from other pastors and ministry leaders. You can submit your questions either beforehand or live at Or see more at

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