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Mark Lanier: Better Bible Studies - The Hermeneutical Approach - Chapter 2

Mark teaches Lesson 2 with a hermeneutical approach, the study of the methods of reading and understanding Bible passages. Mark covered three themes: 1. The kingdom of God come among His people. God will bring His kingdom to the redeemed. 2. God as a just God. Humanity has a problem: pride. 3. God’s provision of land for His people.The redemption story is about land. Points for home included: Live as children of the King. Live the righteousness of God. Trust in the providing God. Homework assignment was to discover/review the biblical themes of 1) the remnant, 2) spiritual warfare, and 3) a love story

Length: 55mins


Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

Biblical Literacy is a class taught on Sunday mornings by W. Mark Lanier in Texas, US. Mark is a top 10 US trial attorney who also holds a B.A. in biblical Languages.