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Women in Ministry '21: Teaching the Psalms - Whole Day

The Psalms contain some of the most-loved passages of Scripture and people often turn to them for comfort and reassurance in times of crisis and uncertainty. But to fully appreciate them, we need to understand when they were written, how they were used and who they really speak about. This is a recording from 'Women in Ministry 2021: Teaching the Psalms' online conference that was live on 26 January 2021 containing three sessions: Understanding the Psalms as a single book (00:00:00-00:48:08), Analysing the Psalms (00:48:08-01:20:43) and Interpreting and applying the Psalms (01:20:43-01:49:11).

Length: 1hr 52mins

The Women In Ministry conference is for women involved in local church Bible teaching ministries, whether full or part-time, paid or voluntary. It recognises that women have an equal but different, complementary role to play in the ministry of the local church. For further resources from the Proclamation Trust please visit:

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