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The Holy Spirit Comes - Acts 1-2 Youth Talks - Episode 3

The Acts 1-2 series from Video Bible Talks is a five-video series of talks from first two chapters of the New Testament Bible book of Acts. Acts was written in approximately 65AD and describes how the good news of Jesus began to spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

In this third video, we look at Acts 2 v1-21 and see how the Holy Spirit enables Jesus' followers to do the things they cannot do in order to say the things that need to be said, so that people call on the name of the LORD and are saved.

Presented by Alan Witchalls, Producer and Director of Video Bible Talks.

Length: 18mins

Video Bible Talks is a expositional Bible teaching ministry that seeks to equip, resource and support ministry leaders with faithful Bible teaching using the medium of digital video. Video Bible Talks are available to download for free (with an accompanying leader guide) from the Video Bible Talks website.

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