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Keswick '19 - Ray Ortlund 2: Romans 8: 9-15

Romans 8: 9-15. The Swiss theologian Frederick L. Godet wrote regarding Romans, "The probability is that every great spiritual revival in the church will be connected as effect and cause with a deeper understanding of this book." How could it be otherwise? The gospel is "the power of God" for salvation (Romans 1: 16). And, to quote Martin Luther, Romans is "the very purest gospel". Of chapter 8 in particular, Octavius Winslow wrote, "It is not only all gospel, but it may be said to contain the whole gospel." The landscape of Romans 8 is crowded with strong comforts, supernatural helps, bold claims, honest acknowledgements and invincible promises. Here is real help for weak Christians, as we all are.


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The Keswick Convention is a world-famous, annual gathering of Christian believers from around the UK. Keswick Ministries is committed to the spiritual renewal of God’s people for his mission in the world. There are three fundamental convictions which shape all they do: hearing God's Word, becoming like God's Son and serving God's mission. For more information please visit

Ray Ortlund has earned degrees from Wheaton College, Dallas Theological Seminary, The University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Aberdeen. He was ordained in 1975. In addition to teaching Old Testament for nine years at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois, Ray’s primary ministry has been as a pastor – in California, Oregon, Georgia and now at Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Ray and his wife Jani have been married for 47 years. For more information please visit

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