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Keswick '19 - Evening Celebration Week 1 Day 2: Havilah Dharamraj

Matthew 13: 44-46. 'An All-Consuming Longing'. From the series 'Parables: Longing for the King'. People in Israel were on tenterhooks, waiting, longing, hoping. Their longing clustered around a number of interlocking expectations: they were waiting for the consolation of Israel, for God to ‘remember’ his covenant with Abraham, for salvation or deliverance from their enemies, for salvation from and forgiveness of their sins, for God to come and establish his kingdom in Zion, for a Messiah, a son of David to come, for peace. And into that longing, Jesus told parables. These reshaped and refracted their longings, rather than simply reflecting them. Will we let them reshape and refract our longings, too?


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The Keswick Convention is a world-famous, annual gathering of Christian believers from around the UK. Keswick Ministries is committed to the spiritual renewal of God’s people for his mission in the world. There are three fundamental convictions which shape all they do: hearing God's Word, becoming like God's Son and serving God's mission. For more information please visit

A little more than a decade ago, when Havilah was a doctoral student at Durham University, she attended a Keswick Convention. She now teaches Old Testament in a leading postgrad evangelical seminary in Bangalore, India, and she's delighted that she can participate in Keswick again - though in a different capacity from the last time. For more information please visit

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