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The Keswick Lectures '19 - A Mucky Business

Tim Farron - Faith in our politicians, and our political system, has rarely been at a lower ebb. We despair at the chaos of Brexit. Whether we think that the problem is intractable, or that it has simply been badly handled, our frustration has now turned to fatigue. We are tempted to throw up our hands and disengage from politics altogether. We want to withdraw into our tribes and seek comfort within our Christian family. Come along and hear MP Tim Farron speak about why we should be doing the opposite, and continue to engage with politics in these fractious and fragile times.

Length: 59mins

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Tim became the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale in 2005. He was elected as the President of the Liberal Democrats in 2010. In 2015, Tim was elected Leader of his party, until stepping down after the general election in 2017. He is currently the party’s spokesperson on Communities, Local Government and the North of England. Tim lives in Milnthorpe with his wife Rosie, his daughters Isabella and Gracie, and his sons Jude and Laurie. In his limited spare time, Tim enjoys following the (mis)fortunes of Blackburn Rovers, fell running and playing football. For more information please visit

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