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Jesmond Conference '17 - Talk 3: A Crisis in Leadership

Discussing the crisis in governance and leadership in the state and the Church of England and making plans for necessary action.

Talk outline:

1) Agreed agenda

a) Wycliffe’s threefold Pastoral Office

b) determined by Canon A5

c) Canon A5 for today


2) Competent leadership?

a) pluralistic peace-making with no leading

b) good disagreement not good

c) the need for discipline (1 Corinthians 5.9-11)


3) The way ahead

a) new leaders not to be “hired hands” (John 10.11-13)

b) servant hearted (Mark 10.42-25; Colossians 1.28-29)

c) bishops guaranteed peace-makers – the appointments system!

The Jesmond Conference '17 discusses the need for new reformation in our Nation and Church in this, the 500th anniversary year, since the start of the Reformation.

To read the Conference Statement and Resolutions please click here.

Length: 20mins

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To download Jesmond Conference '17 talk outlines please click here

The Jesmond Conference runs annually to engage with public issues from a Christian perspective. David Holloway has been Vicar of Jesmond Parish Church since 1973, a large Anglican Church in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with 2 sites, a staff team of over 30 and a congregation of over 1,000. He is often asked to speak on public issues on local and national radio, is a council member of Reform and is the author of several books including, 'The Church of England, Where Is it Going?'

Click here to read a summary on what has been done since the Jesmond Conference '16, which had a focus on education.