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Introducing God Course: Introduction

If you want to know someone you have to meet them first! Over a number of weeks we are encouraged to enter into a committed personal relationship with God - recognising his commitment to us, and our response to trust and serve him. In this introductry session, Dominic Steele opens up Acts 17:18-32 examining the Christian understanding of God. 
See below for more info about how to use the full course including leaders' and trainees' manuals.

Length: 31mins

'Introducing God' is an 8 session evangelistic course accompanied by a weekend of talks by the Australian Dominic Steele. Each unit consists of a 30 minute video talk and an accompanying Bible study. Click below to purchase both the DVDs of these videos, as well as leaders and participants handbooks. This course can be run by churches over 8 weeks concluding with a weekend away or as an intensive 3 day workshop. Alternatively it can be done by individuals at home. For more info see

The course begins amidst of the smorgasbord of spirituality that is the modern west and then we look back to the pluralistic amphitheatre of Ancient Athens. We assume the course guests haven't accepted that the God of the Bible is true and Dominic invites participants to "come with me on a walk in my world view."

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