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Training for Children's Ministry Course-14: Teaching Old Testament Narrative

Before you carried away with exciting visual aids prompted by OT stories you have to be careful to get the meaning and application right. Andy Gawn goes through 4 principles (all beginning with 'R') to help leaders correctly understand and teach Old Testament narrative to children: Review the history: explain the historical context. Remember that you shouldn't expect what happened then to happen now. Recognise what God is doing as part of his whole plan of salvation. Reinforce things that point to Jesus.

Length: 13mins

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This course is a great place to get fresh ideas and develop your skills in children's ministry. It has been developed over many years by Andy Gawn, children's coordinator at Jesmond Parish Church in Newcastle, UK.

Why not use the videos in your church's children's team training nights or watch them at home as an individual? Each video is downloadable so you can use it even when you don't have an internet connection, and comes with a handy worksheet.

Click to download the video and worksheet for this unit.

Click to download the whole course (all videos and worksheets).