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A Special Night at New York's Redeemer Church Honouring Their Founder Tim Keller - with Tony Carnes

Our Pastor’s Hearts are in New York City as we honour New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church founder Tim Keller who died yesterday.

All the congregations of Keller’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church met together overnight, for an evening originally planned to cast the next stage of Redeemer’s Vision, but which became a moment for the church family to grieve and pray after the death of Rev Keller.

Tim Keller had a massive impact on New York City, and globally, as an author, preacher, the co-founder of the Gospel Coalition, and the founder of City to City.

Tony Carnes, who joined Redeemer a year after Keller planted the church, and writes for, says it was a night of high emotion as they remembered their pastor, grieved, prayed and celebrated together, and looked forward to the future.

Read Tony Carnes obituary for his pastor here:

Length: 26mins

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