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Archie Poulos’ 2023 Reading Recommendations for Pastors

Archie Poulos has given us a list of books that he’s read in the last 12 months that have stimulated him to think about different ministry areas.

Archie’s recommendations include:

  • Explore by the Book. 90 days guided Bible reading.
  • The Coming of the Holy Spirit, Phillip Jensen
  • The Moon is Always Round, Johnny Gibson
  • Biblical Critical Theory, Chris Watkin
  • The Tower and the Square, Niall Ferguson.
  • Mere Sexuality, Tod Wilson
  • The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, Carl Trueman
  • The Congregation in a secular age, Andrew Root
  • Embracing Complementarianism, Graham Beynon and Jane Tooher
  • Decisive , Heath Brothers
  • The Definitive Book of Body Language, Allan and Barbara Pease

Archie Poulos heads the ministry department at Sydney’s Moore Theological College and is just finishing a PhD on how we can work better together in ministry.

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