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Bible Reading Week 3: Friday 5 August - Keswick Convention 2022

In Genesis 35 we see Jacob’s newfound resolve to abandon all that’s been holding him back, and live for God with all he has. God’s relentless grace with the frail and flawed brings real life transformation.

Martin Salter is Lead Pastor at Grace Community Church, Bedford and has been serving Keswick Convention for about 20 years.

He will be speaking on Genesis.


The Keswick Convention is a world-famous, annual gathering of Christian believers from around the UK. Keswick Ministries is committed to the spiritual renewal of God’s people for his mission in the world. The central vision of Keswick Ministries is to see the people of God refreshed, inspired and equipped to fulfil that calling, directed and guided by God’s Word in the power of his Spirit, for the glory of his Son. So that they Hear God’s Word, Become like God’s Son and Serve God’s mission. For more information please visit

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