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CIS - Sports Plus '20 - Confidence in the Ups and Downs of Sport - Matthew 6: 31-34

Allen McCluggage - Talk with an interview with current Irish hockey international Lena Tice at half-time.

What makes you worry? Sporting performance? Future selection? What friends will think of you? There are many things in sport and life that worry us. Our worries can grip us, can weigh us down, can make each day so difficult to live. But being free from worry isn’t about just trying not to worry. On what grounds does Jesus call us not to worry? “Do not worry.” It’s knowing the Father who knows exactly what you need and seeking his kingdom. Only that will give the real security, in uncertainty, that we long for.

Length: 14mins

Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. They are working daily to see Christians in every one of the UK's 150,000 sports clubs, representing Christ and building the local church. Part of their ministry involves producing videos to help Christian sportspeople share their faith and think about what it looks like to be a Christian in the world of sport.

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