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Amazing - Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle - Kids Bible Songs

Andy Gawn sings his original song 'Amazing'.
So wonderful, so powerful,
So just and fair and holy,
So righteous, so forgiving,
You hate my sin but love me;
Your name is Lord, the one and only God,
All that you have saved are shouting
 “Hallelujah, halle-hallelujah”:
Amazing, all-knowing,
All-seeing Lord of all the earth.
Amazing, all-knowing,
All-seeing Lord of all the earth.
Everything you do is right,
You’re the God of power and might:
Amazing, all-knowing,
All-seeing Lord of all the earth.
Andy Gawn ©2008 Cluckin’ Chicken Music

Length: 3mins

These kids' Bible songs are taken from the 'Virtual Family Church' and 'Jesmond Parish Church 10.30' streams over the Covid19 Lockdown 2020.

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. People of all ages and many nationalities attend, and many students find a home at JPC while in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Bible is at the centre of all we do, as we aim to know and serve Jesus Christ and to make him known, here and world-wide. Why not try any of our Sunday services to find out more about JPC – and about Jesus? For more info, how to find us and masses of other resources check out

'Virtual Family Church' is a short fun service featuring animated puppets, great music, a interactive activities for young and old, a kids' talk with downloadable Sunday school resources and a full adults' Bible talk produced by Clayton TV, with Rod Earnshaw, Senior Minister of Holy Trinity Gateshead, UK. Join us any week at 9.30am Sundays (or on catch up).

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