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Daniel 2: 1-49 - Only Wise God - Virtual Family Church Sermon - Clayton TV

21 June '20 Rod Earnshaw - Can you predict the future? When king Nebuchadnezzar had a troubling dream, God revealed to Daniel that the dream was a sign of things to come. Daniel was able to interpret the dream for the king and his life was spared as a result. Although we can't predict the future, God knows the future and we can trust it's in his hands!

Length: 24mins

Virtual Family Church' is a short fun service featuring animated puppets, great music, a interactive activities for young and old, a kids' talk with downloadable Sunday school resources and a full adults' Bible talk produced by Clayton TV, with Rod Earnshaw, Senior Minister of Holy Trinity Gateshead, UK. Join us any week at 9.30am Sundays (or on catch up).

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