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Desiring God - Aim Higher Than Average - Matt Reagan

"What keeps you going to class? What gets you up early to study for the exam? What keeps you up late working on that paper? For most students, the answer is grades. Grades are the currency of college campuses — the way we measure our progress and compare ourselves with others. But when the A becomes the aim, we’ve really missed the point of our education. For the Christian, school — whatever discipline, whatever course, whatever professor — is about worship. We should be aiming higher than a 4.0. In this two-minute, Matt Reagan sheds light on the shallow goal of grades, and calls us to learn for the sake of our worship and joy.

Matt Reagan is the director for Campus Outreach Charleston."

Length: 2mins

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Most people in the world have no experience of deep and abiding joy. Even though it is something we all desperately long for, the assurance that true happiness can be known — fully and forever — is a hope that billions of people live every day without. This is a tragedy. Desiring God is on a mission to change that. Every video they create exists to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. For more information visit: