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CIS - What Does the Bible say About Sport?

Thousands of Christians around the UK play sport every week. Just think of the numbers involved: 15.74 million adults play sport weekly - that’s about a third of adults in the UK. The number is higher in the young-adult bracket where 55.2% take part in at least one session of sport a week, and even higher among 11-16 year olds where it is 86.6%!

But how many of these Christians playing sport are Christians in sport? In other words how many Christians don’t just play sport but actually see that their sport and faith are integrated? Not separate areas - “I go to church on Sunday and play sport during the week” - but integrated - “I play sport as part of a whole life view of worship”.

To see how someone can move from being a Christian who plays sport to being a Christian in sport let’s see what the Bible says about sport.

Length: 3mins

Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. They are working daily to see Christians in every one of the UK's 150,000 sports clubs, representing Christ and building the local church. Part of their ministry involves producing videos to help Christian sportspeople share their faith and think about what it looks like to be a Christian in the world of sport.