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As It Is In Heaven by Alisa Turner

From the EP 'Alisa Turner' (Lyric Video)

Available here.

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Length: 6mins

There's a place that we're made for

Just beyond what we have known

In a realm still yet unseen

Still yet unseen


There's a place where all is right

No more dark, there's only light

The things of earth grow strangely dim

Strangely dim


On the earth, as it is in heaven

Let it be here with us right now

Where Your word is fulfilled

And Your glory's revealed

Let it be here with us right now


There's a place where sickness bows

Hope's restored and joy abounds

With shouts of praise the only sound

The only sound!


We have this confidence

Though we don't see it yet

Your Kingdom will be fully known

With hope, we'll watch and pray

Waiting the coming day

But here and now before Your throne


Oh, let it be here with us right now!

Oh, let it be here with us right now

Let it be


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