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Buss It by Guvna B ft. Beleaf

From the album 'Secret World'.

Available here.

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Length: 3mins

[Verse 1: Guvna B]


Still bussin' it

Mic check, 1, 2, still touchin' it

Man I pull up to the set with a [?] and a Bible [?] still clutchin' it

Eight years and I still [?] hard

[?] still write bars

Who else can rise from the dead?

Who else can pay the price on my head and still make art?

Straight up

Proper [?], straight up

Man I gotta set pace [?]


Wake up

[?], lyrical [?]

Got me spittin' them bars for the speaker

Nevertheless I still roll with the preacher

He taught me about Jesus

And now I got my mojo back, I turn the page, I got over that

They told me God ain't real, well somebody tell my [?] that

[?] on the block with a mandem

But He saved my soul, I gotta thank Him

I was a wretched sinner, but raised to be a winner so [?] when I say


[Hook: Beleaf]

Bussin' on prayer

Buss in the air


Souls on scene

You're about to buss it, buss it

I said buss it, buss it (hey)

Buss it, buss it, boy

I said buss it, buss it


[Verse 2: Guvna B]

We gotta thank God for the progress

And I ain't saying I ain't never seen no stress


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