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European Leadership Forum '18 - "Reaching Young People" - Amy Orr Ewing - Talk 1

Las Newman, Global Associate Director for Regions, The Lausanne Movement, interviews Amy Orr-Ewing, EMEA Director, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Director, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics about the need for the church to reach young people. How might we begin to meet this challenge? Are there any signs of hope? Are there practical things we can do to try and reach Europe’s young people with the gospel?

Length: 33mins

The European Leadership Forum meets annually in Central Europe to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe. As a coalition of evangelical Christian groups, they seek to do what no single organisation could do alone: provide a bridge between God’s global resources and local leaders from all over Europe. The Forum consists of 27 Networks focused on everything from apologetics to science, media to politics. This annual meeting now brings together 800 participants from more than 40 countries.

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