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Acts 27-28:10 - The Journey Matters - Village Church - Sermon

It is so packed with engaging, vivid detail. 279 lives at stake. 14+ days and nights in wild storms, climaxing in a horrific shipwreck. And yet somehow God is in control through it all. Luke slows down the narrative to take us on every excruciating twist and turn of Acts 27. Join Dominic Steele as he shows us God's amazing saving activity and that the journey matters, we are to be witnesses to Jesus in transit.

Length: 34mins

Village Church Annandale is based in Sydney and is committed to teaching the Christian Faith as set out in the Bible. It's our desire that Village Church will build each of us up as disciples of Christ; help us to read his word daily and hear God’s word taught faithfully each Sunday. We aim to worship God at church and in every aspect of our lives. For more information and other resources go to our website.

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Keywords:Paul, Acts, Control, God,