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1 Peter 1: 1-9 - The Big Deal of Easter - Village Church - Sermon

1 Apr 18 - Easter Day - is the biggest day of the Christian year for if the resurrection of Jesus did not happen then there is no Christianity. If the resurrection of Jesus did not happen then Jesus was just an influential first century teacher, just one of the many influential voices that have given us different dismissible roadmaps for how to conduct our lives. In most churches across the world the bible passage read is a passage about Easter Sunday morning, the account of that dark Easter Sunday morning when three women went to the tomb and found the tomb empty. And there will be an account of the Apostles at first not believing and then being persuaded. And perhaps the narrative of the Apostle Peter running to the empty tomb and confirming the women’s story. Or the account of doubting Thomas saying ‘I won’t believe until I can put my fingers in the nail holes of Jesus hands.’ And then Jesus appearing and offering Thomas to do just that. And that will be the focus of most churches this Sunday morning. But this Easter Day, something different. We jump forward thirty years from that resurrection moment, to a letter that the Apostle Peter wrote. This is the same Peter, who was Jesus right hand man. And yet it’s not 33AD. It’s 63AD. And he’s looking back he’s giving his considered reflections, considered implications, of the resurrection of Jesus. Perhaps you could even say ‘What does the resurrection of Jesus mean for my life today?’

Length: 28mins

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