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Engaging with Islam Course 8: The Gospel According to Muhammad

Mohammad claims to be a prophet and teach us about the Gospel and the Bible says shouldn't just reject somebody because they claim to be a prophet, but that we should test this by examining what Muhammad says about himself and how the Bible says we should test this. This session explores what Muhammad taught about Jesus.

Length: 16mins

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"The 'Engaging with Islam' Course provides training, encouragement and advice to prepare Christians to share and defend the gospel with Muslims. This 12 session course is designed to give Christians a practical introduction to the history and teaching of Islam and a foundation for evangelism and answering common questions. The course can be done individually, in a small group or as a class situtation. Each session comprises a discussion of homework completed, watching a video and then further group questions on that video content. Please download the free printable handouts for each session (homework tasks and discussion questions on the homework and video)."


Keywords:Islam, Muslim, Evangelism, Qur'an, Hadith, Pillars, Muhammed, Trinity,