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Ancient History: Rome If You Want To, The Arch of Titus - Drive Thru History

Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts® is a fun, fast-paced, content-rich history show that speeds through ancient civilizations, the Holy Land, and the founding of America.

Every ancient ruin has a story to tell. Now most guide books give this structure behind me a couple of sentences. Something like "Arch of Titus, completed in 81 AD by Emperor Domitian". Not much reason to stick around and look at it for more than 20 seconds or so and then its on to the Colosseum. But the Arch of Titus has a tremendous story to tell -- the consequences of which are felt deeply even today.

Length: 11mins

Dave Stotts career in documentary production has taken him to nearly 30 countries to shoot and edit films on a wide variety of topics, including history, science, religion, homeland security, and Bible archaeology. In addition to writing and videography, Dave’s primary role in media creation is in the editor’s chair, assembling videos and crafting animations. Storytelling is the driving force behind his work. From tracing the history of strategic missile defense in 33 Minutes, to exploring scientific controversies in Icons of Evolution, to highlighting the contributions of Western Civilization in Drive Thru History, telling a visually-engaging and content-rich story is what animates Dave.

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