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Equipped Course Unit 15: Beware Framework

Whenever we set ourselves to understand or interpret any text, whether biblical or not, we are unable to approach it without certain preconceived ideas. These preconceived ideas are our framework; our grid; our set of principles, facts, and ideas that we use when we are forming our decisions and judgments. Our framework is personal and unique to us, shaped by our origin and upbringing, the experiences of our Christian faith, the issues occupying our secular culture and so on. Our framework will therefore dictate how we approach, interpret and preach a text. We view any and every text through our framework.

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Length: 16mins

'Equipped to Preach the Word' is a new, free, preaching course from the Proclamation Trust. Each unit consists of 20 mins of video talks by David Jackman, 30-60 mins of discussion questions and exercises (with accompanying short video clips) and 5 mins home study and prayer. Click here to download the full printable leaders' manual and the trainees' manual for free. The course can be run by churches over several weeks or as an intensive 4 day workshop. Alternatively it can be done by individuals at home. For more info see

This course aims to help train up a new generation of faithful and effective Bible preachers by acquiring and developing the necessary practical tools and skills to expound the Bible's message. This includes both the preparation of the text and the presentation of the preaching, so as to connect that message to our contemporary cultures. The course seeks also to motivate the preacher to progress and perseverance, through spiritual encouragement, not only to be a skilled workman, but also to be maturing as a humble servant, whom God can use.

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