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Acts 20 - Keep Watch! - Village Church - Sermon

19 Feb '17 - What would you say if it was the last time you would ever see someone? “Keep Watch” is Paul’s warning to Jesus’ followers in Ephesus as he makes his last appearance in the Bible. Are we inactive and content with life when we should taking the risk and the initiative to share Jesus? Are we too afraid to be controversial and offend when we should preach the Bible in its entirety? Are we guarding ourselves from savage wolves in sheep's clothing?

Length: 40mins

Village Church Annandale is based in Sydney and is committed to teaching the Christian Faith as set out in the Bible. It's our desire that Village Church will build each of us up as disciples of Christ; help us to read his word daily and hear God’s word taught faithfully each Sunday. We aim to worship God at church and in every aspect of our lives. For more information and other resources go to our website.

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