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LIVE STREAM - Evening Service 6.30pm 5 April '20 with Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK

This evening Ian Garrett will be preaching on ‘The Spiritual D-Day for the Universe’ from John 12: 27-36. Easter Sunday is the decisive moment in the conflict between us and God, the beginning of the the and for Satan and evil, and the beginning of a new future for all who put their trust in Jesus. Ian Garrett explores John's record of Palm Sunday to shed light on Jesus death, resurrection and assension as all of creation's spiritual D-Day.

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak Clayton TV will now be live streaming both a 10.30am morning and 6.30pm evening service filmed remotely with Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK and using pre-filmed music from the Keswick Convention. We've also got a brand new, short interactive service at 9.30am for adults and children called 'Claytonchurch'. All our services will still include music, prayers and Bible teaching and graphics to help you participate from home.

For other churches unable to create their own service we recommend filming (on a phone is great) a 'top' and tail' (for example an intro and a talk and/or conclusion) to our services. Simply create your own Youtube channel (free and easy to do) upload your videos to this (you can also do this from your phone). Then each week send the links to both your Youtube top and tail videos and the links to our service to your congregation each week in an email (or put the links on your website). Go to and click on 'Corona Live' to find out more.

This is the permanent link to our upcoming/latest 10.30am service live stream:
This is the permanent link to our upcoming/latest 6.30pm service live stream:

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. For more info see

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1 Samuel 15 - The Great Rejection - St John's Hull - Sermon

06 Mar '16 Scott McKay looks at the corruption of King Saul and the dangers of partial obedience which is more acceptable to the crowds than to God.

Length: 42mins

St John Newland in Hull is a multicultural family of Christians from all walks of life. We love our great Saviour Jesus Christ and try to live with him in charge of our lives as we learn from God’s word, the bible. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am and 6:30pm. The church runs groups for children and youth as well as programmes for students, graduates, working people, mums and toddlers, retired folk etc. For more info, location, and other resources see the church website:

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Keywords:repentance, pride, sacrifice, Saul, Agag, Amalekites, Samuel