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LIVE STREAM - Morning Service 10.30am 24 Jan '21 with Jesmond Parish Church

This morning Ian Garrett will be preaching on ‘Live Your New Life’ from Romans 8: 12-17 - When someone comes to faith in Jesus two huge things happen: through Jesus work for them on the cross they are forgiven and accepted forever and through the Spirit's work in them they now want to live for Jesus. Ian Garrett help us explore how to live out our Spirit-given desires with an assurance of our security as children of God.

Andy Gawn's children’s talk is on ‘Idols at Home' from Judges 6: 25-32 - We may not build statues in our back gardens…but when we set our hearts on things other than the LORD God, when we please those things, when we trust those things to get us through life…then we’re doing the same as those Israelites in Gideon’s time. Andy Gawn tells us all about what Gideon did with those idols!

Children’s and Youth work sheets are downloadable here:

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak Clayton TV will be live streaming 3 weekly services. All our services will still include music, prayers and Bible teaching and graphics to help you participate from home.
- 9.30am 'Virtual Family Church' our short interactive service:
- 10.30am service live stream:
- 6.30pm service live stream:

The 10.30am morning and 6.30pm evening service is filmed remotely with Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK and using pre-filmed music from the Keswick Convention.

For information about how to film your own services go to to and click on 'Corona Live' to find out more.

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. For more info see

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1 Timothy 6 - God Provides Richly - JPC Service

6 Feb '11 Do you know God as your provider? David Holloway explores the context, caution and commands found in 1 Timothy 6.

Length: 28mins

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Do check out the services in person: they are every Sunday at 9:30am, 11:15am and 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome. The church is next to Jesmond Metro station. The church runs groups for children and youth as well as programmes for students, graduates, working people, mums and toddlers, retired folk etc. For more info, location, and other resources see the church website:


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