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Discipleship Explored 5: Righteous in Christ

What makes us acceptable to God? Many people think that we can be good enough for God - righteous- by living a 'good' life. They think they are good because they have never murdered anyone, and don't hurt people. Philippians 3:1-9 says that this is not true. We are all deeply unrighteous, and any good that we can do is like rubbish compared to the righteousness of Jesus. Paul says that faith in Christ is the only thing that can make anyone good enough for God, because Christ is righteous, and when we trust in him we get his righteousness.

Length: 12mins

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Barry Cooper and Discipleship Explored looks at Paul's letter to the Philippians, helping you to discover what it really means to live the Christian life. Discipleship Explored is an informal 8-week course for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives. It is perfect for those who have been through Christianity Explored and have recently decided to follow Christ.

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