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Chapter 2: Equality - 'The Air We Breathe' Bible Study with Glen Scrivener - Speak Life


1. What stood out to you most from this chapter?

2. How does our belief in equality (and our objection to inequality) show itself today?

3. If someone claimed that certain kinds of people are more valuable than others, how would you argue against them?

4. How does the Bible make the argument for equality?



1. How does the Genesis account of creation differ from other creation

stories? (These were described in chapter 1 of the book.)

2. From Genesis 1, how would you describe God, the world and humanity?

3. How would you describe the relationships between (a) God, (b) the world and (c) humanity?

4. How does Genesis 1 contribute to the idea of equality? How does it set the scene for the rest of the story of the Bible’s story?

Length: 5mins

We are excited to bring you this series of videos to accompany Glen Scrivener's new book, The Air We Breathe: How We All Came to Believe in Freedom, Kindness, Progress, and Equality.

Watch the other videos, download the discussion guide and buy the book (in paper, e-book or Audible versions) here.

Glen Scrivener is the director and evangelist at Speak Life Ministries, an evangelistic organisation (previously Youth for Christ's 'Hour of Revival') Speak life seeks to lift high the name of Jesus in the UK and beyond, to revive Christians, resource the church and reach the world with the good news of Jesus.

For over 60 years this ministry has been speaking life to a perishing world. “Evangelism through revived Christians” was the way their founder, Eric Hutchings, put it.