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A high stakes game of ecclesiastical poker in the Anglican Communion - with Justin Badi Arama and Pa

"It is almost D day in the Anglican Communion. Today we give the background for two highly significant meetings. One to take place next week in Rome. The second in June in Cairo. The Rome gathering has been called by the rejected Canterbury leadership. The Cairo gathering has been called by the leadership of the Global South. As background, The Church of England, the historic mother church of the Anglican Communion, under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury formally abandoned the historic Christian faith when the English General Synod voted to follow Archbishop Welby and his house of bishops in voting for same sex blessings. In reaction, the majority theologically orthodox have drawn a line in the sand and parted company with The church of England. The Global South Churches said in their important Ash Wednesday 23 statement that the Church of England has disqualified herself from leading the Anglican communion. Gafcon said the Archbishop of Canterbury’s leadership has been irreparably damaged. We speak with the chair of the Global South Archbishop Justin Badi Arama of South Sudan and the new General Secretary of Gafcon Bishop Paul Donison."

Length: 27mins

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