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Chapter 21 - Snapshots of Jesus as seen through the Gospels; Gospel of Luke: Dr. David Capes

Dr. David Capes taught Snapshots of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. This week, his focus was from Luke 10 with the lawyer’s question to Jesus: What is the goal of life? He expanded on:

  1. Some possible answers to that question: 1) meaningless, 2) get all you can, and/or life, 3) liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  2. Famous story: a lawyer asked Jesus what should he do to inherit eternal life? Jesus first responded with the story commonly known as the Good Samaritan. The lawyer then asked for clarification regarding Who is my neighbor and love your neighbor as yourself.
  3. Some takeaways: Love God, Love your neighbor, and Compassion is costly.

Listen to Dr. Capes expound on the deeper meaning of Jesus’ response to—What is the goal of life? — and how that response applies to our lives today.

Length: 53mins

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Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

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