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David Capes: Better Bible Studies - Emmanuel - Chapter 9

Dr. David Capes teaches focused on Immanuel in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew’s Gospel was placed first by the early church leaders. It’s a user-friendly handbook to the church. Dr Capes had three points. 1. Background of Immanuel in Matthew. Fulfillment of Scripture Prophets both spoke and acted out their messages 2. Bookends Matthew begins when Jesus is born as Immanuel - God with us. It ends with the great commission and Jesus is with us always. Points for Home 1. BBS begins by reading entire books not just isolated verses. 2. Many times we can discover that unclear passages can be explained by clear ones so reading more and in context is key. Listen to Dr. Capes show how Jesus, as Immanuel, is God with us and evident throughout Matthew. He asked of the apostles - Who do you say that I am

Length: 55mins


Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

Biblical Literacy is a class taught on Sunday mornings by W. Mark Lanier in Texas, US. Mark is a top 10 US trial attorney who also holds a B.A. in biblical Languages.