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Jesmond Conference '18 - Testimony 1: A Minority of One

Charles Raven, previously minister of a church in Worcester in the UK, tells the story of his personal experience of standing up for traditional marriage in the face of strong opposition. He encourages us to strengthen ourselves with God, with others and through weakness.

The Jesmond Conference '18 discusses the sexual chaos that is currently confronting us in the Church and in the world, particularly addressing the fact that many think it is time to begin a repeal of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Length: 14mins

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To download Jesmond Conference '18 talk outlines please click here.

The Jesmond Conference runs annually to engage with public issues from a Christian perspective. David Holloway has been Vicar of Jesmond Parish Church since 1973, a large Anglican Church in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with 2 sites, a staff team of over 30 and a congregation of over 1,000. He is often asked to speak on public issues on local and national radio, is a council member of Reform and is the author of several books including, 'The Church of England, Where Is it Going?'

Click here to read the Nashville Statement which delegates gave their agreement to following the Jesmond Conference 2018.