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Drowning by KB

From the album 'Tomorrow We Live'.

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Length: 4mins


It's a trap

Been a trap from the start, boy (been a trap from the start, boy)

You don't trust lies, do you, do you?

Then why you trust your own heart?

(Do it, click it, feel it, drink it, pull the trigger)

It's the last time

Same thing that you said last time?

We forever drinkin', but the thirst is never leavin'

Searchin' the earth for what you only find in heaven

So insane

Tell me, can you catch me, I'm fallin'

Tryna make my way to the shore, but I'm callin' out

I'mma be gone by the mornin'

I can feel the end comin' now

Don't let me drown, throw the raft

Before I drown pull me up now

Before I drown, hurry up

Before I drown

(Can You save me now?)

'Fore I drown

Save me from me, save me from me

Save me from me, save me from me 'fore I drown

Save me from me, save me from me

Save me from me, save me from me

I can feel the water all around my head

Around my head

I can feel the waves all around my neck

Come, won't you, come, won't you

Come, won't you, come here

Hollerin' YOLO!

If tomorrow we may die, sure (tomorrow we may die, sure)

Then the kid 'bout to play

We need to play in house parts

I know how it feels, at 15 I ain't wanna live

I was at the bus stop, ducked down, sparkin' up the spliffs

Thinkin' if I die tomorrow no one care

Followin' these raps

Brag about my status

Am I makin' people jealous?

I know I ain't happy (I know)

Never found joy, I could only find distractions

Oh, He saves

Let Him become your life

Feelin' like you gone too far or are you too far gone

Oh, my Lord loves your type

Feelin' like you runnin' out of air

He wants you right there

God only helps those, that can't help themselves

We hold the beauty of the King on the pledge of unseen

From the desert of me to the meadows upstream, drink

There is no feelin' better, never

Won't be satisfied so?

Everyday no fling, I'm safe.


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