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Exodus 15: 1-21 - Celebrating Our Triumphant God - Jesmond Parish, Newcastle Sermon

31 Mar '19 David Holloway - Listen to Moses' song - a song celebrating the God who has triumphed over his enemies and rescued his people from slavery. With Moses, we'll consider four key aspects of God's character that provoke our praise- his glory, justice, involvement (or providence) and uniqueness. Along the way David Holloway will also help us consider what the point of our lives should be, how a good God can 'consume' his enemies in fire 'like stubble', how God's involvement or sovereignty over history squares up with our free will and responsibility, and how God ultimately reconciles his love and his justice.

Length: 27mins

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. People of all ages and many nationalities attend, and many students find a home at JPC while in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Bible is at the centre of all we do, as we aim to know and serve Jesus Christ and to make him known, here and world-wide. Why not try any of our Sunday services to find out more about JPC – and about Jesus? For more info, how to find us and masses of other resources check out

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