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'Faith Restored' - Habakkuk Youth Talks - Episode 3

The Habakkuk series from Video Bible Talks is a three-video series of Bible teaching videos from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. The series takes a look at the words of Habakkuk the prophet as he cries out to God as he see all the trouble and wickedness around him.

In this third video, we take a look at Habakkuk 3:1-19 and how Habakkuk responds God in praise. The book of Habakkuk starts with the prophet in deep distress... and it closes with him praising God. Yet, it isn't God that changed... it was Habakkuk. By bringing his questions to God, listening carefully to God's word, and remembering who God is and what he is like, Habakkuk's perspective on God had changed and his faith in him was restored.

Presented by Gavin Wright, Associate Minister at Immanuel Church Brentwood.


Length: 20mins

Do you have a church group that needs upfront Bible teaching but you don't have the resources to do it yourself? 'Video Bible Talks' have provided a solution with videos to play during meetings or on a weekend away. Great for youth, student and other small group ministries.

Video Bible Talks is a expositional Bible teaching ministry that seeks to equip, resource and support ministry leaders with faithful Bible teaching using the medium of digital video. Video Bible Talks are available to download for free (with an accompanying leader guide) from the Video Bible Talks website.

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Keywords:Habakkuk, Youth, 11-18, 11-14, 14-18