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LIVE STREAM - Informal Evening Service 6.30pm 25 Aug '19 from Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK

Tonight Jonathan Pryke will be preaching on 'Cast Your Burdens on the Lord' from Psalm 55.

25 Aug '19 Jonathan Pryke - David is facing a time of extreme anguish in Psalm 55 and he responds by laying his soul bare to the Lord. "Give ear to my prayer, O God" he cries,"protect me from those who rise up against me", begging the Lord to destroy evil whilst ultimately trusting himself to his care. We can take great hope from this Psalm, that though God doesn't remove his people from danger, he does hear their cry and protect them.

Join us live every week for our Sunday evening service to praise God with music, talk to him in prayer and listen to his word explained.

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. For more info see

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"AYO!" by Andy Mineo

From the album 'Heroes for Sale'

Available here.

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Length: 4mins

Never bored [7x]


Never bored

But I got a board

That I put on all fours

And kick it on smooth floors

It's with me on tours

Even riding on stages

Reds in the wheels

But I wasn't set claiming


Clicked up

We ain't trying to be famous

People don't get it

They don't know just what the aim is



What you gon' say

It's a man who been changed

Who know that to die is their gain!


Yeah! You know what it's like

You know what it's like

Getting ready for the moment

Getting ready for the night

But I'm getting ready for that moment

Where my faith will be sight


What's the point of getting fly

You ain't ready for the flight


From the sight to the one that I follow

Dudes find bravado from the bottom of the bottle


Until they got the face twisted up like Picasso there's another way to live

You ain't gotta go. Somebody tell em!



Say ayo! [background]

Come and kick it with the team

The party's over here

Let me show you what I mean

We saying

Say ayo! [background]

On on that one sixteen

Homie come get it right

Show you what the clique like



Kobe told me 'bout the matrix

Not that I'm about it

I don't bang with the same set that I used to claim

See look it I ain't famous

Some people know my name though

I just won't remain low

So that that I don't take it to the brain, brain

Catch me underground on a train ridin' slow

That's where I compose

All my wickedest flows

Being from New York

Or wicked at its pros

And these con Edison bills high like they smoking


Some are up town

It's like an expo

Like some exposed skin

Like a triple x show

Me and my dawgs flee

We don't need to bend though

But my flesh be itching

Get it

U starting but I'm trying to finish

Enjoying God's gifts

You know what the dish

Back in Barbados

They made us the flying fish

We been all around the world

Me and the whole clique

Unashamed everywhere

They holla 1 1 6 saying...


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