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LIVE STREAM - Evening Service 6.30pm 22 April '18 from Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle UK

Join us every week for our Sunday evening service to praise God with music, talk to him in prayer and listen to his word explained. Tonight Jonathan Pryke will be preaching on 'Living as Holy Exiles' from 1 Peter 1: 13-25.

How should you be living your life? What difference should Jesus make to how we live now? Jonathan Pryke reminds us what we know about both our own past, present and futures as well as Jesus' past, present and future, and challenges us to live holy lives because of God's holiness.

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. For more info see

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Helping Kids Deal With Grief - Sandy Galea & Dominic Steele

27 Feb 18 - Children like everyone are impacted by grief. But how can Church leaders help kids deal with grief? In this episode of The Pastors Heart Sandy Galea joins Dominic Steele to discuss this important topic. Sandy has been deeply involved the last few years in helping children deal with grief: the grief of kids loosing their mother, a child diagnosed with cancer, severely disabled children, and death, suffering and pain. She also heads up the children's ministry at MBM Rooty Hill and also the wonderful Kidswise kids ministry program used by so many churches.

Length: 35mins

The Pastor’s Heart is a new Australian weekly interview program with a senior Australian pastor. Each week at 2pm on Tuesdays (Sydney time) Dominic Steele will speak live with a senior Australian pastor and take questions live via Facebook from other pastors and ministry leaders. You can submit your questions either beforehand or live at Or see more at

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