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Live - Keswick Convention 2018 - 17 July 11.15am - Bible Reading 2 - Christopher Ash

John 6: 1-59. Part of the series 'Mission in John's Gospel'. Mission is the unstoppable overflow of love from the heart of the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No biblical writer paints this beautiful theme in such rich colours as John, the Beloved Disciple. Words of "sending" abound: John the Baptist is sent by God; Jesus speaks often of "the Father who sent me"; he promises that he and his Father will send the Holy Spirit; and finally he commissions the apostles – and through them the apostolic church – "as the Father sent me, so I send you." In this tour of John’s gospel with "sending" spectacles on, we shall learn much of the heart, the means, the priorities, and the burning motivation for authentic Christian mission flowing out from our own homes to the ends of the earth.

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2 Timothy 2 - Be Strong in the Grace - Village Church - Sermon

23 Oct '16 - When you feel down and defeated during your Christian walk, it's so easy to take our eyes off God and walk away. But Paul didn't give in, instead he pushes us to endure and be strong in the grace that is Jesus Christ. Dominic Steele preaches on 2 Timothy 2, exploring how we are to endure during difficult times, how we are to share in the suffering and remain faithful to the God who remains faithful.

Length: 31mins

Village Church Annandale is based in Sydney and is committed to teaching the Christian Faith as set out in the Bible. It's our desire that Village Church will build each of us up as disciples of Christ; help us to read his word daily and hear God’s word taught faithfully each Sunday. We aim to worship God at church and in every aspect of our lives. For more information and other resources go to our website.

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Keywords:hope, down trodden, downhearted, sad, down, weary, Endure, Grace, Timothy, Paul