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Ethical Dilemmas in End of Life Care: Dementia, Death and Dying

In this Lecture, John Wyatt explorers issues facing doctors today in the areas of palliative care, euthanasia and assisted dying. This hard look at suicide and killing of patients helps us to see that there is another way, a way where we can keep patients comfortable so that death can be as God honoring as life.

Length: 53mins

John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London. He worked for more than 25 years as a specialist in intensive care of newborn babies, but is now focussing on teaching and researching into biomedical ethics and the implications of advances in technology, including controversial issues at the beginning and end of life. He is currently leading a research project into the social and theological implications of advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, based at the Faraday Institute in Cambridge. He is President of the Christian Medical Fellowship and Chair of the board of the Kirby Laing Institute of Christian Ethics. His books 'Matters of Life and Death' and 'Right to Die?' are published by InterVarsity Press.

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Keywords:suicide, assisted suicide, euthanasia, dementia, Alzheimer's, baby, neonatal,