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Exodus 11 - 12 - The Bread Made Without Yeast - St John’s Hull - Sermon

08 May '16 - Scott McKay preaches on the final plague that God used to set his people free from slavery in Egypt: the death of the firstborn. Through this we see that God is just, that sin must be punished and that a pure sacrifice must be made in order to prevent God's judgement falling on the firstborn sons of the Israelite's. Scott points us forward to how this is a picture of the ultimate pure sacrifice of the Lord Jesus who takes the punishment of all human sin from the just Father, and in so doing sets free all who trust in him. The punishment due to fall on sinners falls instead on the Son of God. McKay shows the connection between Passover, a perpetual reminder of God rescuing the Israelites from slavery to the Egyptians and his judgement falling on lambs instead of people, and Communion, a perpetual reminder of God rescuing his people from slavery to sin by the death of Christ. He calls us to look in, examining and confessing sin, to look back to Christ and remember his work on the cross, look up to the Lord on high, rejoicing in him, to look forward to eternity with Christ, and challenges us to look out, as this is to be done in community with others, not as an individualistic ritual before God.

Length: 36mins

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Keywords:10 plagues, Pharoah, redemption, justification,