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EMA '15: Bruce Ware - The Beauty and Blight of Human Life (1)

Bruce Ware talks about Creation and the Fall in this first session on the doctrine of humanity. He begins by outlining some essential aspects of creation which help us to understand who we are as created by God, including: the creator-creature relationship, man and woman created as the first human pair and in the image of God and finally men and women created in equal essence with distinctive roles. He then moves on to discuss the Fall, looking at: the nature of temptation as deception, the freedom of the will and the consequences of Adam's one sin to all of us who are in Adam.

Length: 46mins

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The Evangelical Ministry Assembly is the Proclamation Trust's flagship gathering of over 1000 Bible preachers and teachers. Held in central London in the summer the three day non residential conference seeks to encourage those in full-time ministry, stimulate thinking, and develop friendships and rejoice in the one faith we share. For more information see: For further resources from the Proclamation Trust please visit:


Keywords:creation, bible overview, sin, morality