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Rosters are the enemy of the gospel - Rhett Harris & Dominic Steele

We start a new program where Dominic Steele interviews a leading Australian pastor about a different ministry issue. In this episode Dominic speaks to Rhett Harris, who looks after the ministry department at the large EV Church on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

EV Church's 'Rhett Harris was super provocative at a ministry conference a while back. As Rhett was promoting ministry teams, he was arguing that rostering is contrary to the gospel,' says Dominic Steele.

'I thought, ""I can't let him get away with these statement and maintain credibility,"" so I pushed back, and we had a big debate in front of the whole seminar group.'

'I don't remember if I was persuaded on the day, but months later I went back to Rhett and told him how spectacularly helpful he had been to me and our church.'

'I am really looking forward to picking up the discussion with Rhett, and having him stretch my thinking so much further.'

'I think Rhett has really good things to teach us all about how we do church together and I am really looking forward to him being on The Pastor's Heart.'"


Length: 30mins

The Pastor’s Heart is a new Australian weekly interview program with a senior Australian pastor. Each week at 2pm on Tuesdays (Sydney time) Dominic Steele will speak live with a senior Australian pastor and take questions live via Facebook from other pastors and ministry leaders. You can submit your questions either beforehand or live at Or see more at

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