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How do You Build a Church Building? - Andrew Robson & Dominic Steele

How can you build a church building, so you don’t quit in the 12 months after the project is finished. This is a discussion for pastors. But also for parish council and committees of management.Andrew Robson has taken a lead roll in three major church building projects, two at EV Church, on the Central Coast of NSW, and is currently taking the lead at St Paul's Anglican Carlingford’s major rebuild. When I rang him to line up this interview, he was standing over a pit of previously undiscovered asbestos. We ask him about what he’s learned? What he wouldn’t do again?


Questions include:


  • Vision and ministry principles relating to building design,
  • Ministry philosophy of church buildings and space,
  • The value of aesthetics,
  • How much to spend on big ticket items like sound/AV, lighting, furniture?
  • How to resolve differences of opinion and make compromises?


Length: 35mins

The Pastor’s Heart is a new Australian weekly interview program with a senior Australian pastor. Each week at 2pm on Tuesdays (Sydney time) Dominic Steele will speak live with a senior Australian pastor and take questions live via Facebook from other pastors and ministry leaders. You can submit your questions either beforehand or live at Or see more at

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