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Men Meeting the Challenge '19 - The High Prize of Heaven - Dominic Steele

Philippians 3:10-4:2 - We can get so distracted we forget what the goal of life actually is. Dominic Steele encourages us to fix our eyes on our final destination as we go through life.

Talk Outline:

  1. Knowing Christ, the resurrection 3:10-11
  2. How are you going? Not yet? I press on! 3:12-14
  3. Think and act 3:15-20
    1. mindset 15-16
    2. act imitating me 17
    3. don’t act like those who have the mindset of earth 18-19
    4. mindset 20-21
  4. So 4:1-4
    1. Stand firm 1
    2. Unite 2-3
    3. Rejoice 4


Dominic Steele is pastor of Village Church Annandale. He’s a husband, dad, director of Christians in the Media and is the author of Introducing God. Dominic is known for calling it as it is.

Length: 34mins

Men Meeting the Challenge is an annual Men's Conference based in Sydney and is run by Men for Christ Ministries. Men For Christ Ministries was formed in 2004, after three Christian men saw a need for a practical, biblical based conference for men in the west of Sydney. Each year the conference aims to provide men with quality speakers, specialist exhibitors, and topics that may be difficult to handle in their church group but are important in enabling men to become more effective Christians in all their relationships, whether as a husband, father, son, friend, leader. It aims to offer a choice of topics on the day that are presented with a solid biblical foundation, but which provide practical examples and advice that men can use to cope with the challenges that they, their family and friends face in life.

The 2019 conference aims to address the impact of a changing culture on the identity and roles of the man of God.


Keywords:Men, Mens Conference, Manhood