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Switchfoot - Music Playlist

Watch our Switchfoot video playlist:


1. Dare You To Move (Alt. Version) 

2. Stars 

3. Meant to Live 

4. Dare You To Move 

5. Awakening 

6. Oh! Gravity 

7. This Is Your Life  

8. Twenty-four  

9. Learning to Breathe 

10. On Fire 

11. The Beautiful Letdown  

12. Love Alone Is Worth The Fight  

13. When We Come Alive  

14. Who We Are  

15. Afterlife 

16. The Original   

17. I Won't Let You Go  

18. Restless  

19. Live It Well  

20. Float  

21. We Are One Tonight  

22. You Already Take Me There  

23. New Way to Be Human 


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Length: 1hr 36mins

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