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Live - Keswick Convention 2019 - 24 July 9.30am - Lecture 2 - Contemporary Challenges in Bioethics

The last 30 years have seen dramatic advances in biology. From sequencing the human genome to the ability to edit our genomes, we now have technologies with the potential for preventing some genetic diseases and even enhancing human capabilities. These raise ethical issues that the Bible’s writers could not have imagined. How then do we develop a Christian approach? These scientific advances raise questions about what it means to be a “normal” human and what is “healthy”, and some people talk about “playing at God”. In this lecture, Prof Fox will examine some of these discoveries and explore some Christian responses.

Prof Keith Fox is Associate Director of The Faraday Institute in Cambridge and Professor of Biochemistry at Southampton University, where his research interests concern the properties of DNA. He is a former chairman of Christians in Science. He is passionate about the positive interaction between science and Christian belief, and has special interests in bioethics and genetics. He is a licensed lay minister in the Church of England. He is married to Sheila and they have three adult children.

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Matthew 5: 38-42 - Revenge or Generosity? - Jesmond Parish, Newcastle Sermon

7 July '19 Ben Cadoux-Hudson - When we are hurt or demands are made of us, our natural instinct is to say, 'Revenge! Revenge! I must have – I will have - revenge!' But instead as followers of Christ we are to look to his example and respond with counter-cultural generosity.

Length: 27mins

Jesmond Parish Church is a large evangelical Anglican church in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. People of all ages and many nationalities attend, and many students find a home at JPC while in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Bible is at the centre of all we do, as we aim to know and serve Jesus Christ and to make him known, here and world-wide. Why not try any of our Sunday services to find out more about JPC – and about Jesus? For more info, how to find us and masses of other resources check out

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